Reset Windows Administrator Password

Aug 30, 2017 • Matt Karmazyn
Edited: Aug 30, 2017

How to reset the Windows Administrator user password.

  1. Download Ubuntu
  2. Create a bootable usb drive
  3. Insert the bootable Ubuntu in to the computer you want to reset Administrator.
  4. Boot from the usb device.
  5. Run Ubuntu Live (Trial)
  6. Open the Ubuntu Software Center
    • Check the box: Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe)
  7. Open a terminal
  8. Update with this command:
    • sudo apt-get update
  9. Install Chntpw with this command:
    • sudo apt-get install chntpw
  10. locate the windows disk by running lsblk
    • It should be the device that matches your hard drive size.
    • In this example we’ll use /dev/sda2
  11. Create a directory to mount the disk in /media (or anywhere really)
    • sudo mkdir /media/win
  12. Mount the drive to our new mount point
    • sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/win
  13. cd to the directory within our windows drive that contains the SAM file. (this may vary between systems, check yours)
    • cd /media/win/Windows/System32/config
  14. Unlock and Reset the Administrator password using the chntpw utility.
    • sudo chntpw -u Administrator SAM
  15. Follow the on-screen prompts as they may be updated from the time of writing this guide.
    • To unlock the account select: 2
    • Then reset (blank) the password select: 1
    • Press q to quit
    • When prompted press y to save the changes.
  16. All done! Now you can restart the computer and log into the local Administrator account without a password.