SSH tunnel to private RDS instance

Mar 21, 2016 • Matt Karmazyn
Edited: Mar 21, 2016

SSH tunneling from your local computer to an RDS instance in a private subnet.

First you need an instance that you can log into that has access to RDS. I will be calling that bastion. Make sure you add rules on the RDS security group allowing access from the bastion host.

I will be demonstrating with postgres, but you can substitute the ports and commands for mysql.

Setting up the tunnel

ssh -N -L [email protected]
-N only set up the tunnel
-L set up the forwarding
3333 the first number is the port on your local machine
5432 the port on the rds instance the name of the rds endpoint
[email protected] how you log into your bastion host

Using the tunnel

# postgresql
psql -h localhost -p 3333 -d mydbname -U postgres
-h localhost we can specify localhost since we now have the tunnel set up
-p 3333 port 3333 is our local port we designated earlier in the tunnel
-d mydbname the name of the database you want to connect to
-U postgres the user name you want to connect as