XenCenter on Mac

Jul 14, 2016 • Matt Karmazyn
Edited: Jul 15, 2016

Running XenCenter on Mac.

How to install and run XenCenter like management software called: OpenXenManager on Mac.


We will install dependencies, clone the application from GitHub, build, configure, and run the application.


brew install python gtk pygtk
brew install homebrew/x11/tiger-vnc
pip install configobj

Clone the latest from GitHub

git clone https://github.com/OpenXenManager/openxenmanager.git
cd openxenmanager


Build OpenXenManager

python setup.py build

Install OpenXenManager

python setup.py install

Run the script once to launch the app and generate the config file, then close it right away.


Open the oxc.conf in your favorite editor (vim in this example)

vim ~/.config/openxenmanager/oxc.conf

Edit the [options] line to this:

vnc_viewer = /usr/local/bin/vncviewer


(coming soon)